Recovery Immersion

The Closed Group setting allows us to maximize the program effectiveness by harmonizing therapeutic components such as lectures, individual counselling, group therapy, experiential workshops and process groups. Studies have shown peer-alliance to be the most important component in any treatment program. 

The resulting emotional safety allows guests to develop a deeper level of trust with their peers, therefore, facilitating breakthroughs in self-discovery and self-awareness.

Topics Covered

▸   Chemical dependency awareness
▸   Experiential therapy
▸   Grief, trauma and loss recovery
▸   Imbibe spirituality
▸   Peer group therapy
▸   Self-help group sessions
▸   Life skills development
▸   Financial sobriety
▸   Goal setting
▸   Valuable attention to nutrition and self-care
▸   Physical Fitness – An investment in a new and healthier life
▸   Practice Yoga with a certified Yoga 12 SR instructor
▸   Learn spiritual laws
▸   Attend Family Program for Relationship Sanity

Family Program

Participation in our Family Program is encouraged to help restore our guests and their family to Relationship Sanity. Our work in this area begins with the families of our guests. We will work with them to improve the support system of our resident from one of enabling to one of supporting life choices that are conducive to his or her recovery.

Total time: 3 weeks